SL9 problem processing VST3

Just upgraded and did a few tests. It seems there is something wrong in processing VST3 in stand-alone version (working correctly in ARA mode).
How to reproduce :

  • import a sound
  • make a square selection
  • process a VST3 (I have tried several, mainly reverbs)

=> reverb is calculated + some strange spikes appears outside the selection (like a dirac in a delay)
Again no problems in ARA only the selection gives an output.
Can anyone confirm it ?

There should be a pinned bug thread for SL9.

Uhmm haven’t got to SL 9 just yet, and am just amazed by getting my first views of its manual…
However I would expect the following steps, instead:

  • import a sound
  • make a square selection
  • send it to its own layer and activate it
  • process a VST3

Go next to figured stages to complete the creation/repair/modification you aim to.

@Stern can you post a screenshot of the issue ?

my problem

When previewing (preview button) the spikes are visible but not heard and when applied I can hear the spikes. Hope it helps tracking the bug.

No problems if I process my selection in a dedicated layer.

Are you on macOS or Windows ? Can you list a couple VST3 effects that shows this issue ? Would you be able to also post an audio file which show the issue (before processing, and in PM if your prefer) so I can repro as closely as possible your issue. Thanks !

message sent !