Slaim - Magritte (Entry for a contest)


This may sound like an ad or smth but it’s just my lack of ‘Engrish’.

I just wanted my friend to get some notice/feedback from the international community so he can at least get a room with a speaker this winter.(Not sure which software from Steinberg he’s using, but I believe there’s something. Think he’s on Cubase… sorry about this)

He’s basically sneak producing in his closet in the middle of the night with only a headphone. (He has less than a 100 days before his Korean SAT - those of you who heard about Korean high-schoolers will understand this is HARDCORE. He’s even legit studying.)

So, below is the link. This is one of his old work he posted for this contest for teenagers. Like/comments whatever gets him points I believe.

The track is an homage to Rene Magritte.

Thanks alot!

Hi, I couldn’t get it to play, but for all I know it could be a problem on my side. But I tried.