Slash chords only displaying slash and bass note

New to Dorico, just installed 5.1. Have completed a few smaller projects (3 part horn charts), and I’m very impressed coming from the wonderful but limiting MuseScore.

Starting a big band project, and am notating the bass part. I have a descending quarter note line, with chords above it.

The “F#m” chord symbol shows up fine (Shift+Q “F#m”), but then when I input an “F#m/E” two quarter notes away, Dorico is only displaying it as “/E”. It displays this way in engrave mode as well.

What am I doing wrong?

Welcome to the forum @kevintangney79!

Engraving Options>Chord Symbols>Altered Bass Notes>Appearance of successive identical chord symbols with differing altered bass notes

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Yup. That did it.


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