slash line


what would be the best way of doing lines like the one in the picture on grace note groups ?

I’m not using grace notes, but rather hidden tuplets or regular rhythms most of the time.

I’m doing them as a playing technique now, but it’s much too time consuming to have to switch to engrave mode to adjust the placement of each element. Plus, the line design is frozen and I would need to adjust every line differently according to context.
By the way, switching to Engrave or Write mode is a big deal for me since it takes about 5 seconds on my current file, so I hate having to do that for such a small detail.

And yes, I would LOVE to be able to just add and adjust these kind of things directly in write mode.
I have hundreds of them to do :confused:

Thanks for your suggestions

Screenshot 2020-06-04 at 12.36.38.jpg

Once you’ve adjusted one in Engrave mode, can’t you copy and paste it elsewhere and avoid having to adjust it again?

mm, yes, that would imply doing a pass on all slash lines only in order not to get lost and forget one.
I’m not sure I’m happy with this. When working, it’s convenient to take care of local stuff once and for all.
I’m a little scared with the idea of saying, “oh, I will take care of all the lines later…”

Plus, every line needs to have it’s own change of inclinaison, length, etc…

again, the more I stay away from engrave mode the better I am…
6 seconds !

2020-06-04 19:05:05.384 : Executing command: Window.SwitchMode?WindowMode=kEngraveMode
2020-06-04 19:05:08.470 : UI Delay 3.4s
2020-06-04 19:05:11.307 : Posting command (force): View.ZoomScoreLayoutView ScoreLayoutViewID=1, ZoomLevelType=kPercent, ZoomPercent=300
2020-06-04 19:05:11.390 : Posting command (force): Edit.GoTo ScoreLayoutViewID=1, FlowID=36, Index=35, Post=true
2020-06-04 19:05:11.458 : notifyPostCommandExecute: Window.SwitchMode?WindowMode=kEngraveMode (6074 ms)


I’d be interested to see your project and to know a bit more about the specifications of your hardware. Unless the project is absolutely enormous and you’re always switching back and forth between galley view and page view I wouldn’t expect it to take 6 seconds to switch modes. You might find it more useful to keep two windows open, one in Write mode and the other in Engrave mode, and switch between them; this will incur a certain small performance penalty for every edit but you may still come out ahead if you’re frequently switching between Write and Engrave modes.

Hello Daniel

The main reason for the long switch time is because I’m working in gallery view.
Working from a xml import, I need to fit long passages in the screen in order to enter or correct some playing techniques, octaves and/or trills that span a long duration.
I’m on a 2,8 GHz Intel Core i7 and if in Page view, the switch is fast.

I will try your suggestion to work with two windows !