Slash + normal noteheads horizontal alignment

Please help! I have defined slash regions for my drummer, and added some rhythmic cues in another voice.
They do not align horizontally, which is hard to read. Dorico seemingly assigns different column for each voice, which confuses the eye. It is less pronounced in small slashes - but still the slashes seem to be ahead of the cue voice horizontally. Is there anything to do to mitigate that?

Ok I have found a solution. Select all notes in write mode, filter top notes, deselect tuplets, change to Engrave mode - use Voice column index 1.

I would like this to be the default in drumset notation, please!

For the time being, while slashes do not hide percussion notation, I just put rhythmic cues in the HiHat over the slashes and figure that when drum notation evolves I can either copy or reytype the rhythmic cues as needed.

Another way to resolve this is by selecting the slash region and changing the voice direction in the properties panel.