Slash notation playback / hidden staves

I’m just getting started with Dorico (longtime Sibelius user) and I’m trying to figure out how to do something that I’m guessing (/hoping) is pretty straightforward: I’m creating orchestrations for a pop group with strummed guitar. So ideally I’d like to have some kind of slash notation for the guitar that represents a base rhythm, and chord symbols above, while on a second staff there’s a melody line. The issue I’m having is around playback - if I convert the guitar staff to be in slash notation, I can’t hear the guitar on playback, but the rhythm of the part is retained. If I create a slash region over a part of the guitar staff, I can hear the guitar on playback, but no rhythmic information is retained.

Is this achieved by doubling the guitar part and hiding the staff when printing somehow? Any guidance?

Thanks very much!

I think what you’re asking for can be achieved with Playback options > Repeats > Play slash voices.