Slash notation: region "end handle" has disappeared

Couldn’t find an appropriate thread…

I created slash regions and have difficulties modifying one because the end handle has disappeared. I think (not sure though) that it happened when I created some more empty bars and dragged the handle to the end of the line and then down hoping it would select more bars in the following staves.
The region now stretches to the end of the line; I need exactly one more bar in the following line.

The handle in the beginning of the region does show.

We have a bug in our backlog to sort out dragging a slash region’s handle downwards from one system to the next, so hopefully when we fix that it will take care of this problem as well. If you want me to look specifically at this project, then please attach it here.

Oh, it’s ok – it’s for my band only. This can wait, I just wanted to bring it to your attention.
Looking forward to your next Easter eggs.

I have noticed that sometimes the end handle disappears. One thing that works for me is selecting and moving the beginning handle; that makes it reappear. Don’t know why it works, but it does.

Not for me – I tried this. Maybe it had to do with the fact that the region ended at the end of the line?

I deleted the slash region and created a new one, this fixed it (there was only one region involved).
It’s not really malicious, but I think any report about something fishy is appropriate… :wink:

Dear Eddo,
A quick tip just in case you haven’t thought about it - the lengthen/shorten duration tool (cmd+shift+arrow) works well with slash regions :slight_smile:

Nonetheless, reporting fishy behavior is definitely appropriate!