Slash region bar count

I really love that Dorico is capable of adding bar count numbers in e. g. slash regions


This is important for drummers, where many bars in a row might be identical.

However for bass/guitar/keyboards and instrumental solo parts with slash notation, there are usually chords that are fairly easy to follow and the numbers are not needed, in fact in my charts I really don’t want them there.

I tried to turn them off generally with Engraving options → Notes → Appearence of slash region bar count, and hoped that turning them on for a specific staff (yes the drum part) would make the workload smallest to get it as I want it. And it worked in the sense that I can turn them on in the actual staff by selecting each slash region at a time, and turning it on in the properties panel. Then they are visible in the score (also on print), however they are not visible in the part.

So this leads me to two questions:

  1. Did I miss some configuration for bar count numbers visible in the score but not in the part?
  2. Is it possible to define on layout level (i. e. per instrument) whether bar count numbers in slash regions should be displayed or not?

Thanks //DT

Have you tried Propagate Parts after you have mde the changes in the score?

EDIT: Yes, I meant Propagate Properties. :grimacing:

I am not really familiar with this functionality…I found it after some reading. Right clicked the drum part layout, selected “Propagate part formatting”, and a dialog box came up. But I don’t see the score there? Am I in the right place?

Is it generally so that changes I make in the score in Dorico are not necessarily mirrored in the part?

I think Derrek was referring to propagate properties - in 3.5, you can now control whether changes that involve local properties affect only the current layout or all layouts.

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Ah sorry for my ignorance and thanks for the help. Yep this did the trick. Now I can see the numbers in the drum part as well.

Edit: is this possible to set on layout level?

Again thanks

You can select everything, then do Edit—Propagate, which will propagate all selected items to all layouts in which they appear.

Uh…sorry if I am slow but I did not really understand that…?

Once you have made the changes to the properties on particular items in the full score, select all of those items (or the entire score if you wish), then choose edit—propagate properties.

When you do that, any layouts that contain the notes that you had selected will receive the property changes you just made.

OK understood (I think) and I’ll keep that in mind for the next occasion when it might be needed.