Slash region collision

I guess there’s an easy answer but as a new use I have the following issue:

Scherm­afbeelding 2023-11-15 om 16.13.10

Use the Slash Position property:

EDIT: Just realized the slash is somehow pushing the sharp away from the notehead. That seems … not good.

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I also saw the slash pos. option, the problem is; the position is changed in a couple of bars.

Then just change it as needed.

I see you made new regions in order to be able to do this? that seems to work though

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In all honesty, I almost never use a slash region longer than 1 bar, as it messes up copy and paste routines. I wish Dorico had a way to be able to simply select an entire bar and paste it elsewhere, but that’s not possible with the way Dorico handles Slash, Bar Repeat, Chord Symbol, and Numbered Bar Regions, as the entire region is selected. At least with single slash bars I can easily copy them without getting myself into trouble.

Dorico will allow you to batch copy and paste single slash bars though. Enter a single bar of slashes, copy it, select a region, and paste, and the region will be filled with single bars of slashes. Or just hit RRRRRRRR …


great tip! thanks!

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