Slash regions not condensing


If I am using slash regions, it seems the bars do not condense as they would if everything were written out.

That’s correct. Slash regions prevent condensing.

Hi Daniel et al,

Am enjoying utilising condensing to make optional two-instrument charts for small jazz band arrangements (ie, trumpet/sax) via additional instrumental layouts. Occasionally adding manual condensing changes, I am able to make this work mostly, but the Slash Regions do seem to be a sticking point at the moment.

Obviously both instruments in my condensed layout have the same transposition, so the Slash Regions (which have the chord symbols automatically shown) appear twice in my condensed layout.

Is there a way to at least hide some of the Slash Regions within my condensed layout? (Or ideally prevent the condensed layout showing two identical systems for portions of the music)?

I’m afraid not at the moment, no. We didn’t anticipate that it would be a commonly-used situation to want to condense these kinds of scores (I don’t think I’ve ever seen a condensed big band chart, for example). But it would be possible for us to return to this area in future to make it possible, of course, though I can’t promise when we will be able to do that.