slashed beams

How can i produce a slashed beam appearance ( to indicated freedom in duration and rytm) as per teh attached example, ( frequently used in today’s music)? I have not found any way to do taht in documentation…
Thanks for your help.

slashed beams (103 KB)

You can type in as many grace notes as you want, as long as the grace note mode is on (toggle the ’ / ’ key). If the your grace notes (assuming they are eighths) have the slash property, they will automatically be joined by a beam with a slash.
Schermafbeelding 2020-02-15 om 23.18.46.png
(In my example, I removed the whole bar rest in the upper staff, otherwise the grace notes would collide with it)

Thank you
How do you remove the whole bar rest? I don’t succeed to do that for implicit rests…

‘Remove rests’ in the Edit or Write menu. (Not at computer and too lazy to look it up :slight_smile: )

Remove Rests is in the Edit Menu.