Slashes. Rhythmic notation over the staff

Just as shown in this picture, how can I get a rhythmic line with slashes over the staff without ledger lines…?


So far not possible I think. This has been asked before if I remember correctly.

This admittedly falls in a bit of grey area in between many features that are already in place, but it is very much possible right now if you just have to input the cue manually and change the notehead type.

LSalgueiro are you saying there’s a way to hide or remove ledger lines?

There is no way to explicitly have Dorico not draw them, but, since you can adjust their length, you can tuck ledger lines into the stem or the notehead in most cases. I do admit I did not try it myself in this specific case, id est explicitly with Petaluma’s small slash noteheads drawn at cue-size, but it looks very much possible.

You can hide anything remaining with opaque text blocks.

Ah. I had played with ledger lines width. As far as drawing text boxes- pretty fiddly. I await an explicit function. :slight_smile:

I have already added a property to hide a note’s ledger lines; it will be included in the next update.

How am I not surprised? :wink:

For 99 bucks.

Just kidding. :smiley:

Glad to hear that!

Amazing !

Awesome, thanks for pointing in that direction! :slight_smile: