Slate digital plugins can’t use Cubase Preset system

When trying to save presets using Cubase preset system , save is failed.
In all of other plugins all of Cubase preset system is worked fine, so it’s slate digital only.

I asked Slate, and they claim it’s Cubase issue and asked me to contact Steinberg.

Does anyone know what to do about it?
Thanks a lot

Mac, Catalina, Cubase 11.0.41


If this is the only one plug-in, I would guess, it’s on the plug-ins’ side. Then I would get in contact with the plug-in vendor.

Hi Martin :slight_smile:
As I mentioned in the description I’ve already contacted Slate Digital and they sent me back to Steinberg.
I’m attaching a picture now, sorry I wasn’t able to upload it before.



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