Slate Digital VCC released at last

This is one seriously great plugin.
It will be even better once the dreadful bugs get sorted out though…

Looks interesting but, as I already own other SD products that use iLOK1, how do I find extra USB ports for the iLOK2 that is required to make VCC run?!

I assume I can just transfer my licence from iLOK 1 to iLOk2. Anyone know if this is a correct assumption?

Yes you can transfer ilok1 to ilok2 pretty easily.

I moved all 59 off my iLOK to the iLOK2.
Had to take out my DTS-HD MAS iLOK though, and put the iLOK2 in it’s place.
Then transfer, shut down & put new iLOK2 in place of old one I just took licenses off, and replace the DTS-HD MAS one. (The DTS-HD MAS license cannot be used unless it is on the supplied, original iLOK apparently, as when I transferred it to the iLOK2 on launching the app it told me there was no valid license to be found.

But the transferring is simples. You will need both keys plugged in for this to work though…

Need some help please.

Purchased VCC last week.

Is it possible to route individual channels from cubase to the individual groups and if so help to set it up please.



Not too sure what you are trying to do here…can you please give me some more details?
Maybe even a CPR file…
to use the grouping in VCC, you simply insert an instance of VCC to the channel, and open the grouping module.
From there, you assign the VCC channel to the chosen group.
(It’s not the same as routing to groups in Cubase is, as this simply allows you to control several channels input/drive on a single set of controls).

Hi Neil

Reread my messages so thank you as I am reading wtf do I mean lol.

Ok here is what I want to do with Slates vcc :

Use it to sum individual instrument parts/strips/channels in Cubase to the individual group and track channels in VCC.

Maybe I am misunderstanding the implementation (as you’ve almost mentioned, thanks).

I’ll keep this simple as I struggle with words to fact etc…

4 separate tracks Track 1 Kick, Track 2 Snare, Track 3 Sidehat, Track 4 overheads, Track 5 Bass, Track 6 Guitar 1

Focusing on Tracks 1 to 4 (Drums), how to deliver the audio out to groups 1-4 in VCC ?

Hope that makes better sense? :slight_smile:

Think this link answer my question.

Put an instance of VCC on each Track, then when you have Group switched on (toggle at the bottom) a list of Groups appear to the right. Then you can set say Group 1 for Drums, Group 2 for bass, Group 3 Guitars etc (they can even be different consoles)

Then go through the tracks: Track 1 Kick to Group 1 Drums, Track 2 Snare to Group 1 Drums … Track5 Bass to Group 2 etc.

Hope that makes sense. There’s a vid somewhere that explains it slightly better at the start…

Oops! :blush: I should have read your email through to the end MFX heh! :laughing:

And yes! VCC is a GREAT plug-in (if slightly buggy still). Can’t wait for the 64bit version - I had to revert to the Beta version as I’m on Win 7 64bit and having iLok issues with it in Cubase 5 32bit.