Slate RAVEN MTi2 users with Cubase????????

Anyone successfully using the Slate Media Technology RAVEN MTi2 with Cubase 8…and liking it? I was considering purchasing one and replacing my Avid Artist Series controllers. Any opinion, or comments very welcome. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Good questions, Sean, and for me great timing as well, since I too am considering a purchase of the MTi2 right now. So let’s hope there are some users here who can comment.
I did watch a long quick start tutorial video on YouTube for Cubase and the MTi2, and must say that the set up is not simple. Slate informed me that I could also continue to use my current monitor along with the MTi2, so that was welcome news, since I do things other than music on my Mac Pro. But my question to myself is a common one…do I really need this? :slight_smile: Also wondering how much it would really improve my workflow. Cheers…frank

Hmmm…the lack of responses tells me that their are probably not very many Raven/Cubase users out there. I’m not sure I want to be the guinea pig. LOL

I’m also very interested in a Raven. But I need it for PC and that isn’t yet available.

It is still is NOT available for the PC??? Dear Lord!!! Was the heck is taking those bozos so long!!! LOL

Yes it is. I have Cubase 8 running with my Raven MTi2 right now.

Cubase is not as friendly out of the box as pro Tools was. I wish somebody at Steinberg would comment about what they’re doing to prioritize compatibility.

hey guys,another question, could i use cubase usb dangle for settup Revan and license activation? or we must to buy ilok3؟

If Raven says it requires an ilok then only ilok will work.

Just got a raven with the Slate Xmas sale (saved 150.00)

Spent about 6 hours with it so far. Six frustrating cussing hours trying to get the raven mixer and cubase mixer to line up.

Opening up old pre-raven projects has proven, so far, as an exercise in futility. For the mixer to line up you have to disable the stereo in and out in the main mixer (can have those in mixer 2 and 3). I have 30 days to decide if i am keeping it. As of right now…its darned sexy looking in the room…but its not been an easy integration into my workflow.

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That sucks! Well, if I was tempted before, I’m not anymore.

Currently ordered it, worried to won’t be compatible with Cubase 11 though, it says it stops at 8