slate trigger 2 problem

Recently got Slate Trigger 2 to replace drums in Cubase. I put it on a track, routed the track to a bus, and printed the audio on a separate channel. Now when I go back to the track I put Trigger on, to blend it with the new sample track, there is no audio. I’ve tried disabling the plugin on the track, removing the plugin completely, re-routing the audio track to a different bus, and nothing. I even deleted the stem and replaced it with the same file, and still no audio. Is this a routing issue in Cubase? I’ve never had this happen with another plugin before.

why doing that (routing it to a bus, then render it and etc…) as there is a mix button in the trigger2 plugin to mix the sound of samples with the original sound?

Mostly for aesthetic purposes. I like to see it in my project as another kick mic track that I’m mixing. And for this track I couldn’t use any of the mic I was replacing, so I used a different one that I wanted to keep fully in the mix, and just removed the plugin once I was done printing the new track, hence my problem.