Slate Virtual Mix Rack (latest version) bringing Cubase 10.5 and PC to a halt

Everytime Cubase scans VMR, it significantly slows my PC to a crawl. The same is true when loading it as a VST. Is anyone else having this problem?

Windows 10, both VST 2 and 3, Cubase (any version, it does this in 10.0 too)

I’ve been using Slate VMR(no subscription) since it came out and never had problems with it, both VST2 and VST3 installed (VST2 to be able and loading old projects).
Be sure you have latest I-lok software installed.

Yeah I have the same issue. When I first open a brand new project I can sometimes open VMR within about 15 seconds, but if I try to open an existing project with VMR in it I can make a cup of coffee, wash my hair…then come back in time for it opening. Painful!! Sometimes it completely locks up my PC and I have to hard reset. I have the latest iLok software installed.

I have opened a support ticket with Slate. Hopefully they can shed some light on it.

I noticed that the VMC VST2 or 3 can’t remember which but only one of them out of the 2 had been blacklisted and that was causing the issue. Check to see if that’s the case.


Thanks. I checked and neither was blacklisted. I am in the process of going back and forth with Slate. They are trying to get to the bottom of my issue. I have uninstalled & reinstalled VMR and the iLok software, which seems to have improved things only slightly. It’s bizarre. When I first turn on my PC projects load fast. When it has been on some time, the projects with VMR take a long time to open!

I’ll post any solution…if I get one that is!

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As an update, the solution from Slate Digital (which works) is to go back to a previous version of VMR.

I didn’t get that option offered to me. Do you have a link to a previous version please?

Did anybody find a solution to VMR and Cubase?
I’m having same issue with older projects using VMR. Tried updating VMR but project gets stuck while loading.