Slate VMR immediate crash

Thought I’d see if Slate plug-ins had started to behave any better when I got an email about the new compressor being available. Obviously not. Cubase crashed immediately after I tried to insert the new compressor as an insert.

Some users have reported that the VST2 versions would behave better. Well, I think I won’t bother with Slate plug-ins anymore. Have had so much trouble with these in the past.

Well, cause I am curious, I decided to uninstall VMR fully and then installed only the VST2/AU versions of the VMR. At least now I could insert the plug-ins without an immediate crash of Cubase. To be able to play back to project without cracks and hiss I had to increase the ASIO buffer size.

i never had any issues… (vst3) - no crashes or crackles… with VMR
and my cpu is prolly one of the slowest among cubasers… (core2duo)

i am using the one of the first versions though 1.1.1116 or so… (version not even selectable from his support drop down)

try the v.1.3 something vst3 version (read somewhere that people had issues after that version…)

or wait untill the next version comes out (prolly very soon)

I installed the new VMR today. No problem here (I am using only Vst3 version in Cubase). Slate digital sent this e-mail today:

"We also have heard reports from some users that they have been experiencing issues with freezes in their DAWs. We’re investigating this throughly over the weekend and will be working to release an updated build this week.

If you’re experiencing any issues with the latest VMR update, we have added the Legacy Installers for the previous VMR version to your Slate Accounts, as well as to our VMR Downgrade Instructions page. Because our support department is closed over weekends, we have included detailed instructions on how to downgrade if you wish to do so.

Important: We only recommend downgrading if you’re experiencing issues with VMR version

If you wish to downgrade to the previous version, click here to view the VMR downgrade instructions

Thank you for your support and patience,

  • The Slate Digital Team."