Slate VMR Not Visually Correct

After trying C10, I went to make some changes to an instance of Slate VMR and the interface is screwed. See attachment.

My graphics drivers are all up to date.

Yeah, i had this initially, but it seemed to go away after opening, closing etc and generally messing around. Not sure how it sorted itself exactly, but it did. Saying that, i’ve been having all sorts of other little graphical glitches, midi containers not updating, Pre high/low pass filters losing their readouts etc, so i’m guessing some bug fixing needs sorting here. Maybe linked to their HiDpi implementation?

It shows correct here, and i have nearly the same set-up as you have.
Are you using vst2 or vst3 version ? Read somewhere that the vst3 version doesn’t have this problem…

Correct - VST2 did the same for me. Loaded VST3 and it displays fine. Not that it should be happening on VST2 plugins… but, either Slate or Cubase will have to sort that out. I know Steven is a Cubase user, so… We’ll see.

I can confirm that using the vst3 version fixes this issue.

Cheers guys, I’ll look at the VST3 fix :slight_smile:

Same happening here.

Although, I found that if I add more modules into the rack beyond 3 items, the GUI straightens itself out, and it works again. So I guess not much of an issue for me.

Yeah, but as soon as you close the plugin and reopen it, you’ll have to do the same thing again!

I’ve already reported it to Slate support - got an email from them last night saying they’ve escalated it to their dev team.

Ahh, I see. Alritey thanks, let’s see what Slate says.

This will be fixed soon on Slate side

I’ve also found out that Eiosis EQ also has the same graphical glitches as Slate VMR.

This is definitely a Slate problem - since Eiosis is also under Slate. I’d better report it to Slate.

Works fine here, only once when duplicating vmr from one track to the other cubase froze and crashed

Slate has gotten back.

Here’s the link they provided for the latest version of VMR:

I’ve installed it and it works, no more graphical error.

For Eiosis Air EQ and other plugins, they’re working on it.

I have the same problem. I found that if you check the “Always on Top” box it fixes it, but makes it a pain to work with.

I have the same issue (white box showing on the right side of VMR)… now downloading the 1Gb file linked to above to see if that fixes it…

new update fixed it for me