Slaving Pro Tools to Cubase - Video update when clicking through timeline

I’m experimenting with syncing Cubase to Pro Tools on another machine, and while I’ve been able to get Cubase and Pro Tools to synchronize video playback when in record or playback mode, I can’t seem to get Pro Tools to jump to the video frame when I click around the timeline.

Are there any primers out there on MMC vs MTC? Or just a good set of instructions? I saw an earlier thread on this topic, but couldn’t find answers on the specific issue of timeline sync.

Not at my machine but I vaguely recall you need both MMC and MTC, one works when playing the other when scrubbing.

Thanks for the reply. I think I have Midi sync working but I don’t think I’m properly sending MMC from Cubase to Pro Tools.

Here’s what the setup looks like so far:

Does protools have the MMC setup to receive? The screenshot only had the MTC tab

Sorry I am not familiar with protools but your cubase settings look like mine (from memory). Though I note your midi ports have different names in cubase/protools but I assume you know how your midi routing works.

Set Protools to receive MMC as well