Sleep mode... not.


this is not a complaint, just a warning.

It seems that Dorico will prevent my laptop from going to sleep mode when I close the lid. Today, after something like 10 minutes in the backpack I took out the laptop and I could have fried an egg on it. I had to force shut off the whole thing and after cooling down it would start again and act normally.

So, unless someone reading this has a solution to this problem, take my advice and always shut down Dorico before going to sleep mode. I surely will from now on.

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A lot of us consider it a justified complaint. :wink: See


I’ve never understood why folks want to leave Dorico files open when they expect the computer to shut down, (Seems to me just asking for trouble), but be that as it may.

When I play a video on my computer (not so different a media experience from running Dorico) I certainly don’t expect the computer to time out in mid-video.

Indeed. I first tried to get sleep mode to do something useful on a home-built PC running windows 98 (back in 1998, surprisingly enough!) and failed completely (I did get it to crash the PC a few times, so at least it was doing something.)

I’ve never bothered to try again since then!

I use sleep mode all the time with no problems. I just don’t leave Sibelius or Dorico running. Sleep mode doesn’t seem to like a program that uses sound drivers to be running. It will sleep but waking up causes problems with that sort of program.

I am not trying to get my desktop computer to sleep at all: all I want it to do is allow the monitors to go into energy saving mode when I am not using it. I leave the computer on all the time, as I use it for so many different things, from email to audio (surround sound), score, photo and document editing, for spreadsheets and electronic simulations, It save me a lot of time to avoid having to turn the machine off every night. I regularly have 200 plus tabs open on Firefox and usually only reboot once a fortnight, unless there is an error.

Dorico is the only program I have that prevents the monitors from going into energy saving mode: its behaviour in this respect is quite anomalous in my experience.


You don’t have to turn the computer off every night. I’ve never owned a monitor that didn’t have its own “off” switch.

Dorico currently prevents the computer from going to sleep automatically. This is a side-effect of the fact that it has Cubase’s audio engine. In a pro audio application you don’t want the machine going to sleep because it has to be ready to play or record at any time. However, we know that Dorico’s user base has different requirements, and we do intend to add the ability for it to allow the machine to sleep after an interval.

In my experience I haven’t had problems with it preventing sleep when closing the lid or explicitly asking the machine to sleep, so maybe that depends on your soundcard drivers?

I find it generally very reliable to put my PC to sleep every night, ever since Vista. Most of the problems that users experience are down to poor soundcard drivers.

I am using RME Firewire audio drivers. While playing back a long audiofile in Samplitude the monitors can go into energy saving mode and wake up as soon as I press the space key to stop playback. It is this feature that I need, not the sleep mode, which I never use on my desktop. I dont care what happens on my laptop! :slight_smile:


Aha, that might be the problem? I will try to update then and see if that solves anything.
I don’t keep my laptop on all the time, I just want this to work if I am in the middle of something and have to move somewhere and then carry on directly, like for instance on a train trip changing trains.

On my first read through the Version History v.1.1 my eyes must have glazed over by the time I arrved at p. 66, because I didnt notice the bit about Dorico being allowed to “suspend audio device in the background”. I have now tried this and find it very helpful. Does this also allow the compter to enter sleepmode? I have been too busy to try this yet.

Many thanks!


Be very careful with forcing sleep mode with Dorico or Cubase running. In the past (at least on some windows machines) they can lose connection to their eLicenser–when you go to save, all sorts of mischief can break loose. I have also had ASIO drivers get messed up by sleep (like by closing the lid of a laptop) and this can also cause strange effects until rebooting.