Slew script possible?

I know very little script, I’m working on learning it. I often have design concepts in mind.

One aspect is Slew control modulation, with shape, rise time, fall time. Is this possible with Halion/Lua?

I guess it’s similar to ADSR, but not really… because ADSR is sort of a static gate triggered control. Slew is a constant modulation on any momentary or sustained input.

I guess, Glide, or rather, Glide Rate is the right comparison and I think is actually Slew.

So can Glide be utilized in the Halion/Lua script for controls other than pitch?

You don’t need scripting depending on what it is. You can assign glide as source via modulation matrix.

I suppose that could work, is it possible to have multiple glides?

of coarse with a script, could possible go into more detail and script the velocity curve, or maybe this can already be done, ie speed of acceleration and deceleration

Glide time is set via zone so you can have one glide time per zone.