Slice and replacing audio


I hope that this makes sense…

An audio loop imported on an audio track…with range tool i select a portion of audio, using alt + left click i drag and drop this portion of audio over another portion of audio in the track…well, is there a way to NOT see the portion of audio behind the dropped one? I just want that the dropped audio replace completely the audio where i am dragging it…without have to delete manually the audio before i drag the new sliced audio…Difficult to explain, but i think you can understand what i am talking about…

Any idea?

Is there no option to delete audio when dragging audio over it?

I don’t know of a direct method, but if you use lanes and put it below it, it would by default use the last sample -> your new sample.

After you’re satisfied, you can later clean it up with delete overlaps (iirc?) or clean up lanes, something like that.
It would cut your lanes to only have the parts which are to be heard active.