Slice audio to midi cubase pro 8 (can be done)

Hi everyone new to site and this my first post not sure if it’s been cleared up yet but

I been reading Lots of threads on various sites and on here people wanting to slice audio to midi so they can manipulate and recycle the loops or take out parts they don’t want of the loop etc and most were saying it can’t be done in cubase u need program like Ableton live or FL studio etc

Well that’s wrong it can be done on cubase pro 8 but it’s not as simple as a right click option

To do this you will need cubase pro 8 halion 5 / groove agent 4 vst plugin load up new project Insert halion 5 clear the halion city preset then go to your browser find the loop or file u want to use drag it into the slot rack then add another window and select sample editor you will then see ur loop in the editor move the marker to were u want ur loop to start or end by moving the start or end cruisers once u have done that click on slice under the wave window u will get all the slice points auto on each hit if u happy with that then click apply under the window at right hand side now u will find each hit point has went across your keyboard so now to get it into midi just drag the midi into icon to your chanel halion 5 now ur audio is into midi so u can rearrange the loop and manipulate the loop to how u want it or take out parts u don’t need .

this works same with groove agent 4 Also so anyone who doesn’t have Halion 5 u can still use this lovely feature and ignore what Sean tyas says about only logic this and logic that cubase recycles to !!!

Hope this helped


Edited for groove agent users also :smiley:

i reckoned this was fairly known.

(also, if you had set hitpoints beforehand on the audio, GA will use those).

if one however looks at the sheer length of the instructions just written, and compare that with a single-click-solution of, say, logic (like you did mention)… you start to see the cracks in one of the approaches.


I have Cubase 8 Pro , will the method above work with the Halion 5 that is included - I think it’s the Halion 5 SE not the full version of Halion 5?

Many Thanks