Slice group at hitpoints


I want to slice some drumsamples I recorded and I want to use hitpoints for this. It’s a multitrack recording and I want the group of tracks to be sliced at each hitpoint of the main drumtrack (Let’s say I created hitpoints at the snare track and want the overheads to be sliced at the some spots).
I created the hitpoints and grouped all the tracks but the slice at hitpoint function only cuts the main track and not the whole group. Using a folder didn’t work for me either. Anything I’m doing wrong?
Thank you guys!

Perhaps this is what you want to do?

The technique has you put the drums in a folder and then slice them according to rules/priorities. Give your main drum track full priority. Then slice. [You don’t need to follow through with the quantize steps if you don’t want to.]

That helped! The trick was to do it with the quantize panel! Thank you!