Slice Rules for Group Edit not coming up

In the manual it states: “If you open the Quantize Panel for an edit group and at least one of the trafcks has hitpoints, the “Slice Rules” section appears.” But this does not happen for me. I have 4 separate tracks, all grouped into on folder, with Group Edit selected, and I have already got Hitpoints for on of the tracks, which means, theoretically, when I choose the Quantize Panel, up should come the Slice Rules section. Doesn’t happen.

I have C6 with the 6.0.6 update. Does anybody know why this is happening? :question:

make sure you have selected the track, all other tracks should automatically select as well.

If not then you may well have a track or two that are of differing length!

Yes-I see that you actually have to select the track, and NOT the LANE. Boy-I think that’s a pretty stupid distintion to make. I’ve been fooling around with this for the past hour and a half, only to see that that’s all it is.

They should really correct that so that whether you select the actual track, or a lane, the Slice Rules comes up. I’m not sure what justifies their added layer of complexity.

But thanks again for your help.

It makes sense. Consider the process of editing more complex drums for example where you need to pre cut the tracks and use the slice rules on sections where maybe all the hit points need recalculated or are indeed separate takes.