Is there an option (or for future updates) so that the Slice can also be seen (see and close) in the score when working with it?
I think it would be very interesting
Thank you

Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean, octogesa. You can already see the slice in the score when the slice tool is active in Engrave mode.

Daniel, me estoy refiriendo a que los rectángulos que se hacen en el modo Diseño (Herramienta de Slice) se pudieran ver también en la composición.
Para tener una especie de “guía” para cuando se compone música

Interesting. In what ways would the slice outlines provide a guide for writing the music, do you think?

Look for example with Staffpad software

Ah, I think that’s an entirely different use case, a kind of annotation feature. We would certainly like to build some features like that in the future, but I don’t think the graphic slices feature is the best way to approach it.

Would the existing comments feature be of use for something like you describe at all? they only appear as a single ‘speech bubble’ icon in the score, rather than a highlighted area, but perhaps if you want to mark a range of notes you could use a horizontal line?

Thanks Lillie, is a good idea!!