Sliced drum loops to using MIDI with Groove Agent 1

Think I’m being stupid! Please help!
I can get audio clips of drum grooves from the Media Bay, and put the slices into Groove Agent ONE.
But how do I then play back the pattern using Groove Agent ONE and write a MIDI drum pattern which I can then edit?
Can someone explain it to me, please?


If you have auto pattern, you can’t get MIDI from this audio pattern.

If you have MIDI pattern, just import this MIDI file in to the Cubase, and route the MIDI track to the Groove Agent 1 virtual Instrument.

I think in after the hitpoint detection, you can also have all the slices exported to a midi track. If you play that back into groove agent one you have your original drumloop back, and that’s a nice place to start editing the drumloop from.

Yes, but if you have more hits on one beat, you can’t decide which one is it. It’s not automatic.

No, obviously not. I was under the impressions he was using single audio files which he slices up and puts these in GAOne.

Thanks, Strophold.
But how do I export the ‘slices’ of audio to a midi track?

You use MIDI to trigger the audio slices. To do this, you simply play notes on your MIDI controller (while on the drum track) or program MIDI notes to the DrumEditor. By playing or programming the MIDI data, you can play the slices in ANY order you see fit.

You can export audio to MIDI in the Sample Editor…

Thanks, but isn’t there a way of getting the original PATTERN into midi, so it can then be edited?
Thanks, Marcus.

The answer is in my previous post. Theres a video, showing EXACTLY how its done. You just double click on the audio loop/drum pattern, and the Sample Editor will open, then have Vari Audio analyze it, then go to extract midi…

A MIDI file will be created, so you can manipulate it and change the drum samples/sounds if you wish to. Is that what youre after…drum replacement?

I saw a bunch of the word “slice/s” though, which lead me to believe, you want to KEEP the drum sounds and they are ALREADY sliced and therefore can be played/programmed in ANY order, using MIDI to trigger them. To play it in its original order, youd just have to play the notes sequentially, depending on how you sliced it up. If you do it in the Sample Editor, it remains a single event, and you can drag it (the single event with multiple slices) into GA One across the pads automatically/simultaneously. If you do it in the Project Window, you will have to drag each slice onto its own pad, manually. Regardless of how you do it, you can achieve the same results.

Maybe im not understanding your question though…?

Marcus, once your sliced loop is in Groove Agent, there is a little box with a funky kind of arrow shape in it just under the Import button in the “Exchange” part of the GA1 interface. Click and drag that arrow off onto a midi track and there you have it! A midi file which will exactly play back your slices to sound like the original.

Is that what you were after?


Yes - exactly - thanks!