Slicing Multi-track drums/Snap Point error

hi folks,

i just started using the multi-track drum editing functions in 6.01, and gotta say very impressed! looks like i won’t be needing beat detective any more.

one quirk i have found - not sure if this is a bug or there is a reason for it that i can’t work out:

  • set up hitpoints on kick, snare and hat tracks. select 2 bar section. (this obviously all being in a group-edit folder)

  • slice. this is where the error occurs. The snap point for each slice should now be at the hitpoint for the dominant track. it is, but not in the first slice. in the first slice its at some random point before the hitpoint.

i can manually move the snap point no problem, but i don’t understand why its doing this. is it a bug? its always in the first slice of an edited section.

nobody else having this problem?


All seems to work as expected here.
I must add that I always double check the hitpoints generated in the editor before slicing. The snare track especially needs attention always, but in general I’m loving this new feature and find it works well on straight forward drum tracks

hmm weird. i guess i’ll carry on manually adjusting afterwards.

i’m just gonna bump this one. nobody else having problems with this? i noticed on a recent track that it wasn’t just the first slice that had the snap point in the wrong place - it was several, and random. i had to go thru every slice and check that the snap point was in the right place. this was all with 6.05. i’m gonna up to 6.07 and see if that helps.

I do not expect this to be of any help but I have the Same problem, random hitpoint misses. Have to correct it all manually