"Slide Line for Tabla ?"

I am currently finishing a Percussion Kit with two Tabla and I can’t find a way to get a slide line to look like this :
Desired result

My first intuition was to try a glissando but for some reason it doesn’t seem to be compatible with percussion instruments.

The line tool can produce some great result but since you need to select “attach to rhythmic position” for the line to show, you end up needing to carefully position each line in Engrave mode (very time consuming).

I also tried the jazz articulation “Doit straight smooth” but the result isn’t great :
Doit Straight Smooth

So if anyone can help with a solution, I would be most grateful !

You can adjust the endpoints of doits in Engrave mode, if that helps?

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This appears to be much faster and practical than with the line tool, indeed !!
I will try to create a custom graphic expression if I can find the right way to do it… but your solution is already a game changer !!!

Thank you very much Lillie for such a fast and efficient help !

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