Slide notes like in FL Studio

I know this may be a silly request but the only thing I am missing in Cubase is simple slides in Piano Roll. Is there a possibility that in the near future separate slide notes like in FL Studio will come to Cubase allowing easy creation of 808 Glides? It seems to me that this is not some advanced feature and in my opinion it would be useful.

Please provide a sound sample of what you mean.
Otherwise I would answer: use PitchBend.

Hi, forgive my lack of response. I would like it to be possible in Cubase to easily do, for example, such 808 slide simply by putting a note with a special function, without combining. Is there any simple possibility to do something like that in Cubase? Glide in Sampler does not give such a good result.

Example based on a video by Jay Cactus, who works in FL Studio:

That’s just a pitch bend. FL Studio offers a different way to input this information compared to Cubase.

In Cubase use the Key Editor and create a lane for pitch bend.
Set it up to show the semitone grid and expand the pitchbend range to 12 (1 octave) or 24 (2 octaves) for up and down.

Then you can draw in the changes.
Of course, your instrument needs to be set to support pitch bend. I sampled the 808 sound used in your video and brought it to a Sampler Track.

In the lower left corner set the PB value to the same 12 or 24 that you used in the Key Editor. Also switch the sampler to monophonic and legato mode (marked in the top bar).

This way I get pretty much the same sound as the dude in the video.

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This has been requested already. I would rather support the other request than make a new one.

Thank you so much for your solution, it sounds way better than earlier

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Hi, sorry. My bad. I would delete this post but there is alternative solution posted so I will leave it for others.


Btw, some instruments support Glissando.

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