Congratulations with update :black_heart:
For the perfect Cubasis left :

  1. Fix MiniSampler ( my list of presets is just littered due to the fact that in order to work with 808 - you need to save each wav as a preset every time , is it really impossible to work with sample without saving a preset ? Is it possible to add two mode I. Working with a sample II . Creating an instrument )
    I have created several packs of presets for Mini-Sampler, but none of the “VST” sees the folders, so they are all in a heap and mixed, and to find any preset, you have to scroll through the entire list.

  2. Fix automation so that it is convenient to use ( because it is really terrible )

  3. Finally add your synthesizers to the store … On the android platform there are only three tools to work with , and the same type of drum machines ( which again do not work with imported samples )

  4. Slide-notes, This is already version 3.5 and slide-notes are not implemented yet.

  5. Autotune I think it makes no sense to beg (hello Image-Line). This is not a criticism, i really love Cubasis and Stienberg. I’m glad that the project has not died and updates have become more frequent, but it seems that Stienberg do not hear us.
    #Android #Update

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