Slide, tacet and "Play this the 2nd Time"

Hello all,

I’m trying to figure out how to do a slide from a suggestion note and how to get the player to tacet the first time on a repeat.

Furthermore I have the question how do I make it show that the player should play something else in the second pass.

With Hal Leonard this is implemented in such a way. Is this also possible in Dorico and if so how?

Please see the picture below.

You can certainly create lines that mimic the appearance of the “1x tacet” indications in that example reasonably easily using custom lines (see Library > Lines, and perhaps check this video), but I’m afraid Dorico doesn’t at present make it possible to specify that notes should play back on a particular repeat pass through a section. This is something we plan to add in a future version.


First of all, thanks for the info, then I’ll just write that out until then (Old School).

I think then the other thing will not work yet either. Say that a player in the second round should play something else in the same place.

Thought only because I had read that the programmers probably hold to the specifications of Hal Leonard publishing. Because they put it so there. Would be really great if Dorico can do that.

— lights candle, prays fervently — Add my sincere hope for Play On Pass [X] functionality to appear soon.

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