Sliders unresponsive

Anyone else bothered by how slow parameter sliders like pan, eq, etc… are to respond to mouse adjustments? You click, drag and drag and drag before the slider eventually responds.

I’m not sure what version this started in but I hope its fixed before v9.5 is abandoned.


I don’t have this experience. It responds as expected. Slow respond is, if you hold down Shift key on your computer keyboard.

Could you just for test try with Shift?

Double check your Preferences > Editing > Controls > Knob Mode (and other settings here). The default settings is:

  • Increment/Decrement on Left-Click and Drag
  • Linear
  • Jump

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your help. My prefs are the same as you suggested. I’m not referring to fine tuning with Shift. It’s a lag before the slider responds at all. It seemed a bit better yesterday, so if it gets worse again, I’ll try trashing prefs and then do a screen recording to show what’s happening.