Slightly off topic - Text issue - Table of contents

I am trying to finish up a solo book, and quite frankly I think the music looks fantastic. I am trying to do the front matter for this book, and am running into a bit of an issue.

I am trying to add a table of contents to the front of the book. The problem I am having is that I am unable to get the “page numbers” to align properly.

I am seeking help to see if anyone has a work around, or knows how to make this work.

Everything else looks amazing except for this “thorn in my side.”



What happens if you used a monospaced font; Courier is the classic, of course, and rather old-fashioned looking (typewriter)? But not so bad are also Lucida Console, Monaco, and Consolas.

Hmm, this might work.
I was able (on Mac) to use the keyboard Tab key which seems to align the numbers after putting in the required periods (dots) [see TOC1] although sometimes you need to delete a period or two once you come out of text entry mode.
(Optional) I used spaces to move my page 1 number to the right [TOC2] although this would not be accurate (unless using a monospaced font as Mark has suggested). I’m not sure we can kern.


My idea may sound a little unusual, but given that Dorico doesn’t currently have tab fill capability (as in some word processors), why not do 2 separate text frames? Using your example, the first text frame without the page numbers, then draw a 2nd for just the numbers right aligned or left aligned (I prefer right aligned). you can then overlay and adjust the numbers to precisely line up with the Titles and dots.

Alternatively, you could do this outside of Dorico with most word processors and import as a graphic.
Dorico two text frames.png
Mac Pages tab leading dots.png

Thanks for the replies and suggestions… All good ones of course.

@Musicmaven, it is a little unusual… but I think your 2 text frames might be the answer. I will experiment with it when I get home from work.


Hello, I also have a similar problem while making a table of contents.
Is there a way to input a line between the name of flows and the first page number of that flow?
It is hard to manually adjust each line by typing ‘-’ and then confirm the table of contents.

Thanks in advance!

Dorico doesn’t support tab leaders, as they’re known, at the moment, but it’s something we’d like to support in future.


I did it just using spaces!

Probably something better might have been done, using frames and the appropriate alignment, but I didn’t feel the necessity.