Slightly unusual two voice notation

Is it possible to achieve this style of notation in Dorico? I am referring to the exact voicing of the parts.


I am aware this is non standard. The colleague I engrave for uses this idiom a lot.

I would imagine it would be possible using 2 voices, but changing the stem direction and voice column if necessary of individual noteheads in Engrave mode.

That’s perfectly possible; also, I wouldn’t consider it non-standard at all. To tie two enharmonically equivalent pitches from different voices together, select them and then press t (or whatever your shortcut for tieing might be).

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You can easily tie notes together that are in different voices. Click and Cmd-click to select them both, then press T.

How do you do the stem merging? How do you hide the flag on the first and last notes in the lower voice?

You don’t need to merge stems or hide flags. Just enter notes in multiple voices or in one voice as displayed, without ties. Then add ties as needed.

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Ah! In lilypond I have to use separate voices and hide the flags and so on, because it can’t do ties across voices. Since Dorico can, I now completely understand. Thanks to all.


I hope it’s okay that I ask, but is this by any chance from a piece by Chris Dench?

@anderstr Yes indeed. Well spotted! I engrave his work, as best I can, and publish his scores.

I have recently moved from ten years of Lilypond to Dorico in order to be able to set his music with less struggle, and so far Dorico is 98% up to the task.

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@Andro How exciting! I’m a big fan of his music. Very daring and complex works to engrave I’m sure.