Slip Editing - Key Command

Having a “how comes this is happening” moment.

In both C5.5.2 & now in C 6 my key command for Slip Editing is Ctrl - Alt…I have the snap off, I have the icon {i} for slip edit mode up on the screen, but I cant shift the audio.???..any takers?..(I get Wednesday syndrome,instead of Mondays :smiley:

I couldnt screengrab while trying to press 2 modifiers, so used an Acid pro shot to define what I want to do…

Ctrl & Alt is the slip edit KC, and the slip edit icon & arrows come on screen ok.
Slip edit around axis..jpg

I have the icon {i} for slip edit mode up on the screen

The icon for slip mode looks like this: < ■ >

In “File–> Preferences --> Editing–> Tool Modifiers–> Select Tool” the Slip Event function must be set to “Ctrl+Alt”.
I guess you already checked that.

Is it possible to trim the start of the event to the left? If not you will no be able to slip to the right.
Is it possible to trim the end of the event to the right? If not you will no be able to slip to the left.
If the answer to both questions is no, you will neither be able to slip to the right nor be able to slip to the left.

Here’s me thinking my iconology was ok :wink:

yup I have the icon up ok, my modifiers are setup ok, It wont move unless their is space in the part either left or right. :smiley:

But heres what I want to do, I want to be able to move the start of the audio within the part, as in “slide/slip” the audio part backward or forward within the audio event.

Keeping the audio event the same size, but being able to move the audio within the event. (keeping it quantized would be cool, as in moving it a user defined “offset” 1/16th/Beats etc).

Any clever chappies, got any ideas, I thought I used to be able to do this a while back…MMMmmmm :blush:

Can you elucidate a bit on what you want to do? What you describe sounds like plain old slip. What am I missing here?

Simply put my slip editing isnt working,… I select a part (Audio) press Ctrl + Alt , the slip edit icon comes up over the wave, I try to move the audio,left or right , as in slide the audio within the part to a new start position, & it doesnt move!.. :confused:

What is it Im missing here?

I used to be able to move the audio around, now it seems fixed?..I cant move the audio from its original position, I have tried “bounce replace events” on the part, incase its something to do with it being a shared copy, but still no joy.

I just want to move the audio to a new start position, within the audio event (Box) but stay the same size,(position of audio event stays the same)… and if i could move it by quantized steps, even better.

Gotta be that the event size is maxed. Did you already make it smaller?

Its a toughie, trying to stay on the same wavelength. No joy this time, Ill upload a jpeg.

I want to be able to take any audio event, (a container) and within that container (Event) I wish to slide the audio either forwards right, or backwards left, to a new start position, but the audio event SIZE does not change at any time. The size of the event stays the same, only the audio within is moved.

The audio only loops within the event, and I wish to move the audio backwards or forwards to a new start position within the audio event itself!.

wheewwwww…I knew this was gonna be tricky. :smiley:

jpg, yeah.

I’ll try & explain while learning a new screen grab program seems a longer way :smiley:

Im trying to do a slip edit, but not making a normal slip where you have to have material either side or it wont work, I understand that.

The audio events I am working with are looped.

I want to move the loop where i can adjust the start position, and the loop is rotated, like a revolving door, around itself, …not moving actual position perse , just rotating round its mid point axis. only the start and end points move. not overall position.

The part we call the event stays the same size, the audio waveform is moved forward or backward in time.

Im not looking to make the clip longer or shorter, just to modify the action within that clip.

I want to freely define where the audio loop start point is located. but have the actual “event” (read container) stay where it is


please tell me you “get” it Steve :stuck_out_tongue:

The pic is with Acid, as I couldnt find snap a screenshot while trying to use two modifier keys in cubase. I get the cubase Slip icon up ok though, but I cant rotate the audio.
Slip edit around axis..jpg

In Cubase, if I understand I would:

Slip edit the content to the right with the select tool in slip mode
Move the right border of the event to the right with the select tool in select mode (no modifier)
slip edit the content to the right with the slip tool