SLM 128

Where is the slm 128 plugin in the list of inserts?

If you have your plugins organized by Vendor, then it is under Steinberg->Tools.


hi,i cannot see SLM128 under tools.or anywhere else in the plugin dropdown list.
i reinstalled and it installs in c/prgramfiles/commonfiles vst3
but how do i tell cubase to look there for it?


Just to be sure you know…you need 6.5 or above for this to show up. Doesn’t work in 6.0x I can’t see it either.

:laughing: That’ll get ya to upgrade. :smiling_imp:

ok thanks.

Hi Funkman - did you find a solution to this? I have Cubase6.5 installed on my Macbook Pro. I installed the software OK and got the big tick - but now I can’t find it in Cubase or on the machine anywhere! I am assuning it’s in some stange folder - any tips? :confused:

menu > devices > plugin information
if it’s not there, take a glass of water and come back tomorrow! :wink:

i upgraded to 6.5 its in the tools part of dropdown list.
now i havent a clue how to use it! haha

Yeah, and what’s that ‘Unsupported’ business all about anyway? I guess there won’t be any documentation to give you a clue?

Anyway … on this page is a great little ‘Metering and Gain Structure’ applet that should help you sort it out.

BTW, the one on Compression here is the best tutorial I’ve ever found.


I’d say read up on the R-128 loudness spec.

and take a look at this:

To keep it’s costs low enough to release it free.

I’ve been producing mixes at -23LUFS recently, then squashing the hell out them later :laughing: :mrgreen:

Hello guys!

I have Cubase Artist 7 at Windows 8 and I can’t load SLM128 in my Cubase. It’s normal? What can I do to fix it?


The full cubase 7 has it integrated into the mixer, unfortunately your Artist version has not.
Slm was made for cubase 6.
Try Voxengo SPAN, it has a metering suite build-in and it is free.
Or try downloading the TT meter from Tischmeyer, it should be somewhere on the net.
I think your best change is via reading this blog

Edit: Or else you can try to do what other posters have done. Don’t know if that will work.

Works in 6 for me. (Downloaded the plugin manually from SB website .)

Thank you for reply. I can’t understand why SLM don’t works in my system but, for now, I’m using Audiocation free plugin:
Is important to me that the meter shows EBU128 standard and this one is really good.
Thank you! :wink:

Yur welcome!