Slow Blues (W.I.P.)

Here’s a simple little tune that’s been fighting me off and on for the last month or so. Before I go any further with it I was wondering if a few of you kind folks could throw your opinions my way.

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This version has a few inserts on the master out - 1) Nomad Factory British NEQ-1972, 2) IK Multimedia TRackS3 Classic Comp, 3) Nomad Factory PulseTec EQs, 6) IK Multimedia TRackS3 Brickwall Lim, 7) UV22HR (Mixdown from 88.2 32 project to 44.1 16 wav)

I think what it really needs is some harmonica (and of course some lowdown dirty blues lyrics), so I bought one a couple days ago. Give me a couple weeks to learn how to play it and come up with some lyrics and I’ll post an updated version.

Levels will need some tweaking I’m sure once vocals/harmonica are added but I’m just wondering how the general balance between instruments sounds.

Here’s the same mixdown with only the UV22HR on the master out and the master fader adjusted +2.5 for the highest peak to be -.1 which happens right at the end (Brickwall Limiter was set at -.1 on the “mastered” track) …

Link Removed

There is a certain sound I’m going for but I don’t know exactly how to describe it. Muddy Waters is what I’m kind of shootin’ for. Tight and punchy but loose at the same time.

How does it sound so far :confused: ?

Edit for latest link (Aug. 26) :

Hi, sounds really good to me…prefer the first one (wip) but…forgive me for asking…this is the backing track to a final song ? Yeah…

Yeah of course it is…you say so in your post…me idiot…

Sounds like a blues waiting for a bluesy singer. Balance is good so far. Once I turned up the second one my ears lost enough of the first that I could not gauge the impact of the plugins on your master. Keep going!

shadowfax & Early21, thanks for listening.

Thanks. The version with the master plugs definitely has a little more punch to me. That will all get wiped out before I add anything else. Everything I used was set pretty mildly.


Yeah, I’m trying to work up some lyrics right now. I tried to leave the verse sections kind of boring because the vocal will be the focus for sure.

What you say about not being able to gauge the impact of the master plugs leads me to believe I must be figuring a few things out. I was mainly just trying to tame a few peaks here and there. Compression is very minimal. A little general sound shaping from the EQs.

Sounds like a good start to me. Not sure if you’re kidding about the harp but if you’re serious about learning it from scratch ,I’d say maybe go with a piano instead. Since you reference Muddy Waters,I could hear some nice Pinetop Perkins style eight note chords here. You’d be hard pressed to get that “Mississippi saxophone” Little Walter sound in the short term and could wind up sounding more like Mick Jagger on the harp, which could ruin a good track. Also maybe breakout the drums in a light reverb field and a slight more crack to the snare.

Anyway,I listened twice; I really like blues and this is a solid beginning

Thanks so much for the listen and the comments, Mr M.

If I knew how to play piano I would definitely add some.

Yep, me too :sunglasses: . I saw Pinetop with James Cotton and Hubert Sumlin at our local blues fest maybe 10-15 years ago. One of the best shows I’ve ever experienced.

I could never dream of reaching Little Walter level on some “Mississippi saxophone” (I’ve always loved that term). Little Walter/Muddy Waters and Junior Wells/Buddy Guy are two (four) of my biggest musical influences.

I’m going to see what I can come up with on the harmonica. If it ends up sounding like Mick Jagger you’ll probably never hear from me again :slight_smile: .

Notes taken for future reference :wink: .


If (like me ) you can’t play the piano you should have a look at EZkeys, you can put a track together and it sounds like your a pro…give it a look ( no I don’t work for Toontrack )

Sounds great Scab, I love me some blues :sunglasses:

EZ Keys is likely a great idea. You could also download midi files of blues piano playing from Groovemonkee or other source.Probably tons of free ones out there Anyway I think from scratch, you’re a lot more likely to get a good sound on a midi piano vst (like the one in Cubase) than a harmonica.

Thanks, Strophoid!

I was looking pretty hard at EZkeys when it first came out. I think it would be a handy tool to have. I just looked at Toontrack’s site and noticed they have a demo download. Maybe I’ll give it a try. I’ll also check into the free MIDI files.

I’ve been practicing on the harmonica. I think I might be able to pull something off in about a week or so :astonished: . If not I could always bust out my trusty green plastic kazoo! Or not.

I wish I had more time to spend making music :neutral_face: .

Well …

I broke down and bought EZkeys. It feels so much like cheating it isn’t funny. I guess no more so than using Superior Drummer, though. I just do this stuff as a hobby so I guess cheating isn’t so bad. I don’t know. I think it will be a good purchase for the educational value alone since I have no theory knowledge to speak of.

Here’s the new version with EZkeys …

Link Removed

Again, a few light master plugs. Nothing too severe. I’ve also had a go at some volume automation for the first time.

An improvement?

We’re all doomed. Next there will be EZ Guitar. Maybe there is already. I should give up now! Sounds very realistic.

gettin down with scab slip slidin away. its a nice classic progression, love muddy waters stuff. its the kinda thing I love to sit back and let it come to me. diggin the lead, coulda started a bar or 2 sooner, lol. ya a raspy vocal would do nicely. cool loosey goosey feel I like too.

It’s a terrible thing, isn’t it? :laughing:

Thanks for checking it out, Bob! The vocals will definitely be what pushes this to where it should be. I’ve had a few ideas but nothing quite evil enough yet. :smiling_imp:

Now that I have the piano going on I think I’ll put the harmonica and vocals on the back burner for now. I’ll post an updated version when I get to that point. I’ve heard this thing too many times in the past week. Time to let it chill for a few while I finish coming up with some lyrics.


for me this song says - stop shouting at me woman i have a stinking hangover :laughing:
cant wait to hear it with the harmonica, oddly in my head i see steve taylor step out from behind a mic stand let rip with one :unamused:

Nice blues. Great slide tone throughout, and well played. Just a few tiny spots where it’s a bit loose.
First few notes of the final solo are a little off their beat?

Maybe you added extra crack to that snare. I’d prefer it a tad less cracked! :laughing:

Have you got a singer lined up? Looking forward to a final mix.

Thanks for checking it out! Yeah, that’s about the right mood I’m going for :slight_smile: .

Thanks for the thoughtful comments, Jet.

The beginning of that final solo has been bothering a little bit. I might have to do some minor surgery.

I’ll have to go back and listen to the snare again. This is by no means finished so plenty of room for tweaking.

The singer will be me. It’s very difficult to find the right time to record vocals so it might be awhile.

Thanks again, guys!