Slow Boot-initializing version 5.5.3 Build 143

Initializing with the latest version of Nuendo…used to hang on Midi for 40 seconds or more…I’ve deleted the High Def audio instances in the device manager…and that cut my boot time in half…now it only takes 1 minute, give or take a second or two…

It still hangs for 40 seconds or more on Video Player…

Any ideas on trimming that down…?


PS…5.5.3 Build 143 (changing data in signature shortly)

I disabled the video engine by moving the 3 video engine .exe files into a temp folder.
They are originally in the components folder.
Do not touch the .dll file, only the exe’s
Program will crash on startup if you move the dll.

This has noticeably improved startup/launch time.
When you need it you can simply move them back.
I use the video features often enough but not everyday.

I removed the 3 files from ‘components’ under Nuendo 5.5…but it still fired up, the video player that is…and the boot took the same time…

So I must have removed the wrong files from the wrong location.

Can you specify the location where I should be removing the files from?


Do you Have Microsoft’s Security Essentials installed and running ?
Try to put the Nuendo/Plugin related files in the 'excluded processes",
and the Nuendo related User Folders in the “Excluded Files & Locations”
In my machines this speeds up the boot time considerably.


I do not have Microsoft’s Security Essentials installed period.

Could it have anything to do with all the other versions still installed?



Found Windows Defender running…and since I’ve got my own prg handling security, I just turned Defender off.

Next I updated the Video Card NVIDIA with the latest driver, but did not install HD Audio files…and what happened?

Boots in 20 seconds!!

20 seconds…it was a small victory…and meaninless in the big picture…but…it feels good not having to wait nearly two minutes.