Slow down a track w/o changing pitch in Cubase 7.5?

Is there an included effect to do this? For learning songs.

audio tracks set to musical mode, and then make usage of the tempo track ?

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I use Cubase for sax practise - learning songs, slowing down Aebersold accompaniment tracks, etc.

This is what I do.

  1. New Cubase project.

  2. Change the tempo to 100bpm - I usually use manual tempo by switching the tempo track off in the Transport Panel.

  3. Import the song/accompaniment audio file.

4 Open the Audio Pool (see the attached file for settings)

Change the tempo of audio file to 100bpm and select Musical Mode box.
Check that the Algorithm is Elastique Pro - Time.

  1. Close Audio Pool.

  2. Play the audio.

  3. Change the project tempo to slow down/speed up the audio.

I choose 100bpm because I like to think in percentages -
It doesn’t matter what the real bpm of audio is. 80bpm - the audio is slowed down to 80% of normal speed.
In this way I can use many different audio files (with different real tempos) in one Cubase project.

The quality of the Elastique Pro algorithm is excellent.
I’m using Cubase 6 - I’m assuming that Cubase 7.5 has the same settings.