Slow down a track w/o changing pitch in Cubase 7.5?

Is there an included effect to do this? For learning songs.

audio tracks set to musical mode, and then make usage of the tempo track ?

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I use Cubase for sax practise - learning songs, slowing down Aebersold accompaniment tracks, etc.

This is what I do.

  1. New Cubase project.

  2. Change the tempo to 100bpm - I usually use manual tempo by switching the tempo track off in the Transport Panel.

  3. Import the song/accompaniment audio file.

4 Open the Audio Pool (see the attached file for settings)
Audio Pool.png
Change the tempo of audio file to 100bpm and select Musical Mode box.
Check that the Algorithm is Elastique Pro - Time.

  1. Close Audio Pool.

  2. Play the audio.

  3. Change the project tempo to slow down/speed up the audio.

I choose 100bpm because I like to think in percentages -
It doesn’t matter what the real bpm of audio is. 80bpm - the audio is slowed down to 80% of normal speed.
In this way I can use many different audio files (with different real tempos) in one Cubase project.

The quality of the Elastique Pro algorithm is excellent.
I’m using Cubase 6 - I’m assuming that Cubase 7.5 has the same settings.