Slow down and get it right

Cubase crashed out on me this evening for the first time since moving over to Mac. I got it going again and all seems fine. For what it’s worth I think it is high time that future developments were slowed down and the ongoing issues in Cubase be sorted. As a test today I moved a project over to Logic and went to work on it. I tried everything to make it crash but it just worked. I just think its time we slowed the horse a bit and made sure that the systems that should be supported by what is not inexpensive software work.

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How did your move the session over to another daw, did you include plugins?

I’m running Cubase 12 pro on my M1 Macs under the latest Monterey Version and under Ventura without problems. Which issues precisely should be addressed in your opinion?

Im unsure because I’m facing major issues with cubase myself on windows. The only things I’ve been able to do to improve stability is uninstall, update & even roll back drivers — I’m not sure how any of that works on mac.

For me, disabling auto-save made the program more stable for me, but I ended up leaving it on — if this is a feature you use then you should also increase the amount of backup projects that can be created.

I also disabled a load of windows services and other things — but Mac isn’t as bloated as windows.

Using steinberg download manager to update (or remove updates) has helped in the last too. & I got the download assistant for most of my plugins and made sure I had up to date versions.

Lastly, I’m not sure if it’s available on Mac, but I used programs such as latencyMon & rammap to help identify programs or file that were hogging resources in my computer especially RAM.

Lastly, Within cubase preferences, there’s a setting which turns off VST3 processing when no signal is received, that helped my project playback better.

Using VST3 plugins rather than vst2.4 also helps

Even after all that my cubase still crashes daily.

I want to move my projects over to another DAW for the time being, like you, because cubase just doesn’t run well enough on my currrent setup. I want to move whole projects including VSTs, but I’m not sure if that’s possible. So I was wondering how you moved your cubase project into logic — or were you just working with audio files?

For those on Windows, you might want to check your Windows Logs for errors. Mostly the Windows > System log might hold clues of what’s going wrong.

I just moved the wav files. I wanted to see if I could achieve a mix of a similar standard that included some pitch adjustments etc. It was working in Vari audio that crashed the system in Cubase. My reaction in this topic was I guess out of frustration as this was continually occurring on my Windows machine. Cubase does run well it just seems that Logic is far more solid.

That does it…and now ladies and gentlemen we have an issue surrounding my licences on usb have decided to bugger off. This completely kills the flow when working.

No more money untill this is all sorted Mr Steinberg. And for now Logic which is actually quite good but above all does what it is supposed to do. And before anyone gives it the its Mac what do you expect, Reaper was pretty amazing on Windows and a damn site cheaper.


Fed up.

Open e licence manager and do a maintenance, that usefully fixed it

And you can open the suiting manager and refresh it