Slow down audio to get slow motion effect

Hi all,

I kinda need some help and hope someone is able to point me in the right direction.

I have an audio sample of a group of people screaming, and I am trying to slow it down to achieve a slow motion effect as if time has slowed down. I’m not entirely sure what would be the best method of approach. I have tried to use a tempo track and setup the audio track as a musical note and slow down the tempo (tempo set to track on transport panel) but this method is not getting me the results I am looking for. Rather then slowing down it just sounds like the audio is somewhat stuttering.

I also tried setting the tempo to fixed on the transport panel and slowing it down as someone mentioned that this would work but no joy; made no difference to the audio track.

Is anyone able to shed some light and perhaps suggest a better way of achieving this. Would I also need to change the pitch or just the tempo, would perhaps time warp be a better option?

I really appreciate your suggestions and time.

Many Thanks.

Tempo and pitch shift. Google Tapestop.

Hi thanks for reply.

I will get tapestop, so is there no direct way to do this in Cubase itself, thought that this would have been a common function.


Hello all again,

I’ve been checking out tapestop and from what I can make out this only would give me like a DJ stop type effect. What I’m looking for is not to actually stop the sample but to slow down the speed to create a slow motion effect or time slow down (hope I make some sense here). Is this something that TapeStop will do?

the sample is for a game I am working on where time slows down and I would like to achieve this with the sound also.

Thanks once again.

I’m in 4.5.2, but this should be easy enough to do in C5, if not the same:

Right click on the section of audio.

Process --> Pitch Shift -->

Select the Transpose tab

Under “Pitch Shift Settings”, transpose down by a number of semitones.

De-select “Time Correction”.

This will effectively make the clip LONGER, because it is transposing it down, without correcting the overall time.

From what I know of Tapestop, it will go from normal speed to stop or vice versa. To get a constant slow speed, do what mashedmitten said and go with Cubase’s pitch shift. Put it’s preset on “poly complex” and make sure you don’t have the setting that says “preserve formant.” Then use the semitones to pitch it down where you want it.

You got this in before me but most of us have “right click” set to open the toolbox feature.
Wouldn’t be the same thing to go to audio/process/pitch shift?

Cubase 6 does this very well

It might be time then, for me to have a serious look at C6. I mainly work with MIDI and VST instruments which is why I haven’t made the switch.