Slow down audio track

Hi, I have a wav file that I want slow right down. I thought I could do this by adding a tempo track and reduceing the tempo but this doesn’t work? Any sugestions?



If Windows…

Thanks for the info but I’m afraid that isn’t what I am after. I am trying to slow the tempo of a wav file ie to half speed. I am trying to replicate in midi some notes in a wav. I don’t have a wav/midi converter.

Any other sugestions?

You can use Windows Media Player to slow to half speed. There are other free apps out there, Google is your friend.

Cubase six does a pretty nice job of that sort of thing… :wink:

Click the object selection tool (the arrow in the toolbar) and a little menu will pop up. Select “resizing applies time stretch” and then drag the event handle to the right, to resize it. It will slow down.

or the other option is that, if the clip is not in musical mode (check the pool for a tickbox) then you can right-click the event, go to the Process submenu, and select “time stretch” for more precise and varied methods of slowing down / speeding up

Switch the audio to musical mode and the track to musical timebase, then do the tempotrack thing. Depending on how much you want to slow down it will sound crap though. But generally there´s no need to have to buy C6 to do that, apart from that bit might sound better.