Slow Down Playback in Cubase 11?

I have a piece in which I’ve embedded a video track. I want to slow down the playback of the whole composition, including the video, to make sure that certain audio events are properly lined-up with certain video events. Is there any way to do that in Cubase? (I don’t care if pitch is retained)

Thanks in advance.


Sorry, you cannot slowdown video in Cubase.

But is there anyway to slow down the audio - the whole composition, not just one track?


If all the Audio Events are in the Musical Mode, you can change the tempo.

Not sure if this is what you are looking for but there is a Scrub tool in Cubase. It is basically Jog/Shuttle.


Maybe that in combination with placing markers on a Marker track helps you.

I want to play back the composition really slowly to make sure that when someone’s singing or when a drumstick hits the drum or a a bicycle rolls over cobblestones, or rain spatters on a windscreen or anything else happens in the video associated with a change in the sound it looks /sounds perfectly in sync.

Sometimes at regular speed it sounds a little “off” but I’m not sure. Then I have to export and create the complete composition and play it in Premiere Pro (when I can do a slow playback) and if there’s something amiss then go back into Cubase and tweak it. This is a very inefficient workflow.

Do you do this live?
If not, if you are working with pre-recorded audio material then, excuse me, no offense, your idea of a workflow sounds utterly overcomplicated. Don’t start playback, zoom in, use the Scrub tool to get to the correct location and look&listen at the audio and move it if necessary.

In this example Tuco fires his gun and the sound of the shot is then manually aligned to fit it.
Use Audio Warp if you need to bend audio’s timing. (BTW, this feature was vastly improved in Cubase 12 as you can do audio warping directly in the project view.) Note the marker placed on the Marker track above

No, it’s not a single, one-off event like a gunshot. I make stop-motion video compositions out of hundreds, or thousands, of still frames. I want the changes and shifts in the video events to match the rhythmic events in the music.

The easiest way to tell if it works smoothly is to play it. But if it doesn’t “feel” right when I do that, then the easiest way to see where the problems are is play it at half or quarter speed. Because scrubbing is manual it’s a poor substitute for smooth machine playback.