Slow down playback w/tempo track active

how can I slow down playback when I have the tempo track active? and also keep the music in time with the grid?

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Use the Tempo Track, please.

…and make sure all tracks are in Musical Timebase

What do I do in the tempo track? One thing that I didnt mention is that I have used detect tempo to line the music up with the grid.

I have set the 1 audio track to musical time base, but if I adjust the BPM in the tempo track, the audio is un-synced from the grid.


You define the tempo of the project.

Because the Audio is not in the Musical Mode. What is logical, once wanted to get the tempo from the Audio.

so how do I keep the grid to lined up with the audio and modify BPM? If I switch the audio file to musical mode it comes out of sync with the grid.

How do I define the tempo in the tempo track ? by selecting all the hundreds of points generated by the detect tempo analysis and dragging them up or down?