SLow down/Speed Up feature?

hello Guys,

I’m a cubase fan obviously! i believe for the time being it’s the best product in the market… but i went to a studio the other night and i saw a feature in logic 9 called “slow down” and “speed up” used like a fade in, fade out… but for turtable effects!!! I can do it with pitch shift but not as effectively… Does anyone know if i can do this with cubase as easy as in logic and how? thanks in advance!!!

p.s if there isn’t such feature (which i doubt)u should(steinberg Team) definetely use one in coming versions… :wink:

There’s a plug called Tape Stop for PC.

i’ve used it… it’s a little lame… thanks for the response though!

Take a look at Sugar Bytes line of products, I have Effectrix that does that slow down speed up stuff, the effects are MIDI triggered, they also have some newer plugins that are more feature rich, but cost more also.

I think it´s very easy to use the onboard process “pitch shift” in cubase for perfekt Tape Stop FX:

Thanks I’ll try it Out!!! @Central music i know about the pitch shift i’ve used it i just thought there could be slow down speed up effect a little bit easier as a fade in fade out that i didn’t know yet… thank you all for your responses guys!!!


I am really enjoying the new elastique pro - tape algorythm for exactly what you asked.
Set all your audio to musical mode and choose the tape algo. Now when you want a slow down/pitch drop or speed up/pitch raise simply programme it into your tempo track.
The wave files will act like old tape used to when varying the speed.