slow down video according to tempo


I have a project that includes a video track and an audio track.
I’ve already adjusted the tempo track to the audio track so that I can slow down audio playback (using Audio Warp).

the problem is that the Video is still played in its original speed.

does Cubase support slowing down video playback according to project tempo?



Sorry, Cubase is not a video editor.

Logic Pro is not a video editor and it does that very easily.
It automatically slows down video according to music playback speed.

This can be very helpful when practicing according to some pre-recorded video.


Since when?

I don’t know when that capability was added to Logic.
I’m using it for few years already.

In Logic, there is no tempo matching on videos. The assumption is that your audio file was recorded with the video, so it’s already synced.
Now, if you slowdown playback using varyspeed , then your video playback is slowed accordingly.