Slow input of notes

While inputting of notes into the score, my caret is pausing and the program behaves slow… I’m using Dorico Pro 4 (latest) and NotePerformer 3 (latest)

Is this a sudden development?

When is the last time you restarted dorico or your computer?

Is it a huge opera-sized project?

We need more details to be of any help whatsoever.


I asked the same question today.
My solution was to creat a new Scoretemplate an than copy the music to the new score. For me it works

Best wishes

To be clear: that is not a solution, properly speaking, and you certainly shouldn’t have to do that. Something odd is going on with the original file and the developers would probably like to inspect it.

No, this came to me with the new update. Now, as I begin a new file, or continue working on a previous file it is the same. The program becomes so laggy it is impossible to continue.

And you’ve had no other system updates? New version of windows, for instance, or no new anti-virus software?

You’ll need to provide more information in order for us to help you. What is your system configuration? What VST plug-ins are you using? What MIDI devices (inputs and outputs) do you have connected?

Please also attach a set of diagnostics created by choosing Help > Create Diagnostic Report.

ok… after the new patch, the program got better… I’ll let you know if the thing comes up… ok