slow loading EWQS instruments

I’m running Cubase 5 and have just moved to a superfast new windows computer with 32g of RAM. Before the move, on a computer that is now over 6 years old, Cubase loaded even big projects very quickly and I was expecting that it would be even better on this new machine.
In fact, the slide showing progress stays empty for many seconds, as though it were collecting all the data for each instance of EWQL’s Play software, then quickly shows progress for each instrument in that instance. I don’t think it behaved like that before, and is certainly much slower. A full orchestral symphonic score with many thousands of patched took 16 minutes, whereas before it took around 3 or 4.
I have the latest version of Cubase 5, the Play software, the EWQL sound library, my audio card and every possible driver. I’ve also trashed my preferences and tried unticking all the VST plugins that I didn’t need. No change.
Any ideas, anyone?